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Colin Crouch, Wolfgang Streeck (eds.)
The Diversity of Democracy
Corporatism, Social Order and Political Conflict

Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2006
288 pages | ISBN 978-1-8454-2613-2
£69.95 | $120.00
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At a time when democratization and the state of democracy are at the forefront of attention in many parts of the world, this book examines the state-of-the-art on this vital political issue.
Revisiting the now classical literature on neo-corporatism in the light of current research and theory, the contributors illustrate the enormous influence of the 'neo-corporatist debate' on modern political science, political sociology, and political economy. Reflecting on a major part of the recent history of social science, they shed light on some of its current core concepts, such as governance, policy networks, and types of capitalism. The book traces the evolution of political conflicts concerning social order; from the class conflicts of 1970s Europe to the subsequent Latin American and Eastern European battles over democratization and democratic transition, to the debate on the 'democratic deficit' of the European Union.




[...] This is an important volume by authoritative authors that raises important questions about democracy. It demands extended attention and will stimulate debate.
Wyn Grant, University of Warwick, in: Political Studies Review 5(3), 2007, 397; review online 14/01/2008.




1 Preface
Colin Crouch and Wolfgang Streeck

Part I   Corporatism and Democracy
1 The Study of Interest Groups: Before 'the Century' and After
Wolfgang Streeck
2 Corporatism and Democracy
Colin Crouch
3 From Corporatist Unions to Protest Unions? On the (Difficult) Relations between Labor and New Social Movements
Donatella della Porta

Part II   Democratic Transitions and Consolidation
4 Studying Democracy: Before and After 'Transitions from Authoritarian Rule'
Terry Karl
5 Interest Regimes in Latin America's Neoliberal Democracies
Ruth Berins Collier
6 The 'Transitology' Debate and Post-communist Diversity
László Bruszt

Part III   Democracy and European Integration
7 Democratic Accountability in the Euro-Polity: Problems and Prospects
Claus Offe and Ulrich K. Preuss
8 The Neofunctionalists Were (Almost) Right: Politicization and European Integration
Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks
9 Collective Participation in the European Union: The Fate of 'Euro-Corporatism'
Gerda Falkner
  Postscriptum: Working with Philippe
Guillermo O'Donnell




Colin Crouch is Professor and Chair of the Institute of Governance and Public Management at the University of Warwick, UK.
Wolfgang Streeck is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne, Germany.
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