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Wolfgang Streeck, Jürgen Grote,
Volker Schneider, Jelle Visser (eds.)
Governing Interests:
Business Associations Facing Internationalization

Routledge Studies in International Business and
the World Economy
London/New York: Routledge, 2006
256 pages | ISBN 0-415-36486-8 | £75.00 (hardback)
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In the present period of globalization Governing Interests presents new research on the impact of internationalization on the organization and representation of business interests through trade and employer associations. By exploring ongoing, gradual but nevertheless profound changes in the structures and functions of business interest associations, the book develops a more precise understanding of the relationship between the national and the international.
Focusing on national business associations and the ways they are adjusting to the changing composition and interests of their membership, and to the shift in functions of economic governance to levels above the nation state, the essays in this volume cover a selection of OECD countries, paying special attention to Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden. Unlike much of the current top-down research on European integration, the volume contains both theoretical and empirical papers studying internationalization from the bottom-up, adopting the perspective of national actors facing new challenges and opportunities in their international environment.




1 Introduction: business associations, associative order and internationalization
Volker Schneider and Jürgen R. Grote

Part I   Nations
2 Reaching out and fitting in: Dutch business associations at home (and) in Europe
Jelle Visser and Arnold Wilts
3 Institutional filters and path dependency: the impact of Europeanization an Swiss business associations
Hanspeter Kriesi
4 Globalization and Swedish business interest associations in the twenty-first century
Victor A. Pestoff
5 Economic internationalization and the organizational dilemma of employer associations:
a comparison of 20 OECD countries
Franz Traxler

Part II   Sectors
6 Organizations and networks in a globalizing economy: British and German chemical interest associations
Jürgen R. Grote and Volker Schneider
7 Against all odds: adaptation and survival of national associations
Dirk Lehmkuhl
8 National business associations and European integration: the case of the financial sector
Pieter Bouwen

Part III   International systems
9 Global public policy, associative orders and business interest associations
William D. Coleman
10 International governance by organized business: the shifting roles of firms, associations and intergovernmental organizations in self-regulation
Karsten Ronit
11 Conclusions: organized business facing internationalization
Wolfgang Streeck and Jelle Visser


Wolfgang Streeck is Professor of Sociology and Director at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne.
Jürgen Grote is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Konstanz.
Volker Schneider is Professor of Political Science at the University of Konstanz, where he has held the Chair of Empirical Theory of the State since 1997.
Jelle Visser is Professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, where he directs the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies.
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