Available Software

The newest versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Access, Visio, PowerPoint and Outlook), Endnote, Internet Explorer, F-Secure Client Security and some other useful tools are pre-installed on your PC.
Many software packages are available through the institute's special educational discounts or special license agreements, and can be supplied easily. Others will have to be purchased from commercial retailers, possibly with a longer time of delivery. Thus, if you require additional software during your stay, please send a message to as soon as possible.
We will assist you in choosing and using the most suitable software for your purpose.

Backup and Archiving

The reliable backing up of your work is an integral part of everyday work at the institute. Backup copies of files and data on the institute’s network are saved on our backup server daily. If needed, these files – be they Word files, databases, or your mailbox – can easily be restored.

Electronic Mail and Communication Services

With our mail and communication server, Microsoft Exchange Sever, you are able to access not only your e-mail, but also your tasks, contact addresses or calendars, anytime and anywhere. You may also use a variety of different devices to access and manage your Exchange mail account - also in cooperation with your work group.
Microsoft Outlook is an integral part of the institute's communication infrastructure. Therefore, Outlook is also the recommended and supported mail and communication program in the institute.
Further information for configuring Outlook on your Devices can be found on our download page

Equipment Loan

The MPIfG Computer Services has a number of laptops, dictation machines and a presentation kit all available for loan. This equipment may be borrowed for a duration of two to three weeks on a first-come, first-served basis.

File Server

The file server is a mass storage device, located in the institute, capable of storing large amounts of data. This file server may be used for both personal and group file accounts (project accounts). This facilitates the sharing of files with other colleagues, as well as storing information in accordance with the laws on data protection and privacy.
Furthermore, it offers the security of daily backups through our Backup and Archive Service. All files held on our file and communications servers are backed up on a regularly, nightly schedule.

Print and Scan Services

In order to store or present your academic work, a number of modern input and output devices are at your disposal.
For your printing needs we have fast high-capacity combined copier and laser printers, witch are also capable of colour printing and scanning. The printers are available over the network.  The available paper formats are DIN A4 and DIN A3. All the printers have a duplex unit, making it possible to print double-sided.


The institute has a Windows based network, consisting of primarily Windows workstations. All servers, workstations and printers at the institute are connected with an access capacity of 1000 Mbps (Megabits Per Second).
Of course, research and science don't stop at the institute's doors. Therefore, all computing facilities operated by the Computing Service are connected to the X-WIN, the German broadband science and research network. X-WIN is, furthermore, connected to the European Backbone GÉANT, which, in turn, is linked with other international research and science networks and, of course, the global Internet.
Currently, we are joining the X-WiN with access capacity rates of up to 100 Mbps.

World Wide Web Server

We maintain a World Wide Web server which makes it possible to present the institute's research program and publications, as well as job openings and events on the Internet. The address of the institute's homepage is
If you would like to create your own personal homepage (or a project homepage), please contact .
If you have any general questions or suggestions regarding the contents of the institute's Web pages, please contact the Publications and Public Relations Team ().

Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access (OWA) enables you to gain access to your mailbox (messages, calendars, contacts, and tasks) and your public folders via the World Wide Web.

OWA at the MPIfG

Help Desk

Help and support for the MPIfG community

Remote Support

Remote support when at home or abroad via Team Viewer for the MPIfG community (local)
Remote Support (a local service)

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