IT Services

The IT services unit provides comprehensive, reliable, and secure information technology services and support to the Institute's community. In particular, it designs and supports various central information technology services to meet the research and administrative needs of faculty, staff, and students at the MPIfG.

Your Account

Usually, we will create your computer account a few days before you arrive at the Institute. This provides many uses, e.g. unlimited Internet access, various communications services as well as general file and print services.

Basic information about getting started with the Institute's computing infrastructure is provided on a separate sheet in the pack given to you on arrival. Accounts will be closed 60 days after departure. However, special arrangements may be made to keep an account open for a longer period.
Please note that the use of our network and computing facilities is subject to the policies and regulations normally issued to all employees of the Institute.

For any technical matters with your account, please send your requests to

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