Political Economy of Consulting


  • Beginn: 08.04.2024
  • Ende: 09.04.2024
  • Ort: Cologne
Political Economy of Consulting
This mini-conference provides a platform for in-depth discussions and exploration of the interplay between consultants and the political economy. Consultants can exert influence on political and economic outcomes in ways that are not immediately apparent. Advising governments and corporations on policies, market strategies, and organizational practices, consultants can indirectly shape political economy decisions and economic trajectories.

At the heart of the discussions lies a pivotal question in political economy: the balance between the forces propelling global convergence and those upholding enduring distinctions. Consultants can play a role in driving globalization by advising similar policies and practices to different governments and private actors. However, they also navigate diverse geopolitical environments with varying interests, political economies, and legal frameworks, which can result in varied effects across different political economies. Balancing these opposing interests in international interactions and tailored strategies is essential to consultants‘ success and influence over the political economy.

The workshop is organized by Saila Stausholm and Melike Arslan.

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