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<em>Verkaufte Zukunft:</em> New MPIfG Book by Jens Beckert

In his new book, Verkaufte Zukunft: Warum der Kampf gegen den Klimawandel zu scheitern droht, MPIfG director Jens Beckert turns his attention to the failure of society and politics to address climate change. Central to understanding that failure and to the book is Beckert’s analysis of the power and incentive structures that influence how firms, politicians, voters, and consumers act. more

Basak Kus Is MPIfG Scholar in Residence 2024

This year’s Scholar in Residence is Basak Kus, Associate Professor of Government at Wesleyan University, who joins the MPIfG in March for a four-month stay. Kus teaches and writes about the interplay between the state, capitalism, and democracy, particularly in the United States, and how governments respond to crises and risks across fields such as finance, climate change, and national security. more

Public Lectures in Summer Semester 2024

The MPIfG has four lectures by distinguished scholars on its program of events for the coming summer semester. The first will be given on April 10 by Gabriel Abend from the University of Lucerne. In “Words and Distinctions for the Common Good,” he will discuss the issue of key words, distinctions, and classifications, and the disputes surrounding them, in social science and argues for a democratic approach to the underlying decisions. more

Lucio Baccaro Appointed Honorary Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Lucio Baccaro, a director at the MPIfG since 2017, was appointed honorary professor of the Institute of Political Science (IFP) and the Institute for Socioeconomics (IFSO) at the University of Duisburg-Essen in December 2023. A political economist, Baccaro is currently working on the theory of growth models, a new perspective on comparative capitalism that he has contributed to developing. more

Kick-Off Workshop of MPIfG Partner Group “Challenges of Green Growth” in Chile

Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) in Santiago de Chile hosted the kick-off workshop to the MPIfG Partner Group “Challenges of Green Growth” from January 24 to 25 this year. The event was attended by twenty-four scholars, among them five from the MPIfG, who took part in several roundtables and panels discussing different aspects of the green economy. more

New Cooperation with Brown University

In January, the MPIfG and the Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, agreed to a three-year collaboration covering the exchange of visiting doctoral researchers. more

New Research Group on Contested Ecologies of Capitalist Democracies

The beginning of the new year also marked the beginning of a new research group at the MPIfG. Led by Leon Wansleben, Contested Ecologies of Capitalist Democracies turns its attention to one of the most urgent challenges facing contemporary society today: climate change and its consequences. more

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