Trainee Programs

The MPIfG offers traineeships for highly motivated individuals in the following areas:

  • Certified IT Specialist for Systems Integration
  • Certified Office Communication Specialist

We have been preparing trainees for a career in administration and IT for over ten years. In a traineeship at the MPIfG, you learn the skills and gain the experience to successfully embark on a career in your chosen field. 

The MPIfG is a social science research institute located in the south of the city of Cologne. Its researchers are interested in questions such as: How does capitalism work? What makes markets, and how do they function? Does the euro have a future? How are the economy and politics intertwined? The MPIfG is one of the leading research institutions in its field in the world and part of one of the largest and most renowned research institutions in Europe, the Max Planck Society.

What is a Traineeship at the MPIfG Like?

At the Institute, employees work in small teams in a friendly and modern environment with the latest technical equipment and infrastructure. During your traineeship, you will get to know the different service units – administration (personnel and bookkeeping), IT services, library, editorial and public relations, and directors' offices.

You will be actively involved in their work processes and always have opportunities to help shape your own training. You will be working with motivated colleagues all across the Institute. Dedicated instructors will advise and support you as an individual and help you develop your own professional perspectives.

The Max Planck Society offers numerous training courses and seminars for trainees. You can do an internship at a number of locations around the country or abroad. The Institute is internationally oriented, so you can be sure to meet interesting people of various nationalities, and the atmosphere is friendly, collaborative, and motivating.

At the MPIfG, you complete an excellent traineeship in the public sector that will be the best possible preparation for your future career. To apply for a traineeship, you should

  • have a good certificate of secondary education (at least "Fachoberschulreife" or the equivalent)
  • be engaged and motivated
  • be open to new experiences and eager to work in an international environment

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our traineeships.

How to Apply

Once the job announcements have been posted, you can apply – online only – for a traineeship. The link is in the job announcement. Please upload your cover letter, CV, and certificates as a single PDF file. We will send you confirmation of receipt when we receive your application.

We look forward hearing from you!

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