MPIfG Journal Articles

Articles by MPIfG researchers that have previously been published in peer-reviewed journals are published online in the MPIfG Journal Articles series. The series also includes articles by visiting scholars that originate during their stay at the Institute.

The Max Planck Society promotes open access and seeks to make research results freely available. Thanks to the MPG's growing number of centrally contracted open access agreements and use of the second publication right, the majority of MPIfG Journal Articles are available here as publicly accessible PDF versions. Authors can usually also provide a version of a text on request.

Signaling Virtue or Vulnerability? The Changing Impact of EMU on Government Bond Spreads. In: Socio-Economic Review, 2024.
Pullan, Danielle, Payton Gannon
Between the Church and the State: Catholic and European Influences on Abortion Governance in Italy and Beyond. In: Journal of Religion in Europe, 2024.
Maxwell, Claire, Karen Lillie
From a National Elite to the Global Elite: Possibilities and Problems in Scaling Up. In: British Journal of Sociology, 2024.
Castanho Silva, Bruno, Danielle Pullan, Jens Wäckerle
Blending In or Standing Out? Gendered Political Communication in 24 Democracies. In: American Journal of Political Science, 2024.
Mexico’s Battle with Monopolies: Reputation-Based Autonomy and Self-Undermining Effects in Antitrust Enforcement. In: Socio-Economic Review, 2024.
Tisch, Daria, Manuel Schechtl
The Gender (Tax) Gap in Parental Transfers: Evidence from Administrative Inheritance and Gift Tax Data. In: Socio-Economic Review, 2024.
Preferences for Growth Strategies in Advanced Democracies: A New "Representation Gap"?. In: European Journal of Political Research, 2024.
Pullan, Danielle, Payton Gannon
Data Discrepancies: Italian Ministry Reports on Abortion, Contextualised. In: Medical Humanities, 2024.
Nicoli, Francesco, David van der Duin, Roel Beetsma, Björn Bremer, Brian Burgoon, Theresa Kuhn, Maurits J. Meijers, Anniek de Ruijter
Closer during Crises? European Identity during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. In: Journal of European Public Policy, 2024.
Braun, Benjamin, Donato Di Carlo, Sebastian Diessner, Maximilian Düsterhöft
Structure, Agency, and Structural Reform: The Case of the European Central Bank. In: Perspectives on Politics, 2024.
Leveraging Uncertainty, Market-Power, and Fiscal Opacity: The Growth of Financial Security States. In: European Journal of Sociology, 2024.
Sectors versus Borders: Interest Group Cleavages and Struggles over Corporate Governance in the Age of Asset Management. In: Socio-Economic Review, 2024.
Arbogast, Tobias, Hielke Van Doorslaer, Mattias Vermeiren
Another Strange Non-Death: The NAIRU and the Ideational Foundations of the Federal Reserve’s New Monetary Policy Framework. In: Review of International Political Economy 31(3), 2024, 805–830.
Operationalizing Growth Models. In: Quality & Quantity 58(2), 2024, 1325–1360.
Varieties of Wealth: Toward a Comparative Sociology of Wealth Inequality. In: Socio-Economic Review 22(2), 2024, 475–499.
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