MPIfG Journal Articles

Articles by MPIfG researchers that have previously been published in peer-reviewed journals are published online in the MPIfG Journal Articles series. The series also includes articles by visiting scholars that originate during their stay at the Institute.

The Max Planck Society promotes open access and seeks to make research results freely available. Thanks to the MPG's growing number of centrally contracted open access agreements and use of the second publication right, the majority of MPIfG Journal Articles are available here as publicly accessible PDF versions. Authors can usually also provide a version of a text on request.

Seabrooke, Leonard, Saila Naomi Stausholm
The Firm-Territory Nexus in a Fragmented Economy: Scales of Global Value and Wealth Chain Entanglement. In: Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 2023.
Dobeson, Alexander, Sebastian Kohl
The Moral Economy of Land: From Land Reform to Ownership Society, 1880–2018. In: Socio-Economic Review, 2023.
Women in the Global Super Rich: An Analysis of the Forbes World’s Billionaires List, 2010–2023. In: Australian Feminist Studies, 2023.
Policy Paradigm Modes: Explaining USA Antitrust Law Changes in the 1970s. In: Journal of Public Policy, 2023.
Denardi, Luciana Emilia, Zigang Wang, Clara Baumann
Las diásporas chinas en España y Argentina: Una tipología para analizar las relaciones diáspora-Estado en el caso chino. In: Migraciones, 2023.
Simons, Jasper P., Nils Oellerich
Supranational Modernisation or National Partisanship? Explaining Variation in Recovery and Resilience Plans in Central and Eastern Europe. In: Journal of European Public Policy, 2023.
Di Carlo, Donato, Oscar Molina
Same Same but Different? The Mediterranean Growth Regime and Public Sector Wage-Setting before and after the Sovereign Debt Crisis. In: European Journal of Industrial Relations, 2023.
From Nurturing the Successor to Attracting New Founders: How Firm Platforms Organize a Market for Selling Businesses. In: Journal of Organizational Sociology, 2023.
Operationalizing Growth Models. In: Quality & Quantity, 2023.
Immobility Beyond Borders: Differential Inclusion and the Impact of the COVID-19 Border Closures. In: Politics, 2023.
Bremer, Björn, Theresa Kuhn, Maurits J. Meijers, Francesco Nicoli
In This Together? Support for European Fiscal Integration in the COVID-19 Crisis. In: Journal of European Public Policy, 2023.
Hoppe, Alexander, Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya
Americana Without America: Rhetorical Geography as a Source of Competitive Advantage. In: Regional Studies, 2023.
Reflections on the Particular and the Universal: Unity and Diversity in Social Life and Social Theory. In: Society Register 7(2), 2023, 7–20.
van der Heide, Arjen, Sebastian Kohl
Private Insurance, Public Welfare, and Financial Markets: Alpine and Maritime Countries in Comparative-Historical Perspective. In: Politics & Society, 2023.
Growth Models and Central Banking: Dominant Coalitions, Organizational Sense-Making, and Conservative Policy Innovations at the Bundesbank and Fed. In: Review of International Political Economy, 2023.
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