Publications of Sinisa Hadziabdic

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Institutionally Embedded Democratic Equalizers: Differential Political Involvement Effects of Voluntary Associations across Language Regions in Switzerland. In: Swiss Political Science Review 28(1), 2022, 21–40.
Journal Article
Hadziabdic, Sinisa, Lorenzo Frangi
Rationalizing the Irrational: Making Sense of (In)consistency among Union Members and Non-Members. In: European Journal of Industrial Relations 28(2), 2022, 147–174.
Journal Article
Is the Left Right? The Creeping Embourgeoisement of Social Democracy through Homeownership. In: European Journal of Political Research, published online September 25, 2021.
Journal Article
The Curious Case of the Grumpy Union Member. In: Swiss Journal of Sociology 46(3), 2020, 489–514.
Journal Article
A Switch or a Process? Disentangling the Effects of Union Membership on Political Attitudes in Switzerland and the UK. In: Industrial Relations 59(3), 2020, 466–499.
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