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MPIfG Books are books published in the Institute’s Campus Verlag series and elsewhere in Germany and around the world. Based on MPIfG research projects and aimed at a wide professional readership, the monographs and edited volumes reflect the Institute’s research methods and wide-ranging interests in sociology and political science. Manuscripts submitted for publication in the Campus Verlag series are subject to internal and external peer review.

Diminishing Returns: The New Politics of Growth and Stagnation

A set of state of the art empirical analyses at the country, regional, and global level that work from a new theoretical framework that analyzes the politics of growth and stagnation. As highlighted by the recent debate on “secular stagnation,” economic growth has slowed down considerably, and this… more

Zwischen Globalismus und Demokratie: Politische Ökonomie im ausgehenden Neoliberalismus

In der Hochphase des Neoliberalismus galt die Globalisierung als unvermeidlich und die umverteilende Demokratie als überholt. Wachsender Wohlstand für alle war das Versprechen, wachsende Unfähigkeit, die kapitalistische Ungleichheitsmaschine zu bändigen, ist das Ergebnis. Taumelnde Volksparteien… more

Critical Encounters: Capitalism, Democracy, Ideas

MPIfG Book
From the acclaimed author of How Will Capitalism End? comes an omnibus of long-form critical essays engaging with leading economists and thinkers. Critical Encounters draws on Wolfgang Streeck’s inimitable writing for the London Review of Books and New Left Review, among other… more

Umweltschutz in katholischen Orden: Interpretieren, Bewerten und Verhandeln als Teilprozesse der Glokalisierung

MPIfG Book
Umweltschutzziele wie die Bewahrung der Schöpfung werden selbst in hierarchisch organisierten Gemeinschaften wie katholischen Orden auf unterschiedlichste Weise interpretiert, bewertet und verhandelt. Während manche Mitbrüder der gleichen Kommunität basierend auf einem Ziel ganz… more

Neoliberal Resilience: Lessons in Democracy and Development from Latin America and Eastern Europe

MPIfG Book
Since the 1980s, neoliberalism has withstood repeated economic shocks and financial crises to become the hegemonic economic policy worldwide. Why has it remained so resilient? What is the relationship between this resiliency and the backsliding of Western democracy? Can democracy survive… more

Social Protection, Capitalist Production: The Bismarckian Welfare State in the German Political Economy, 1880-2015

MPIfG Book
Social Protection, Capitalist Production provides a thorough analysis of the genealogy and the functional logic of German capitalism over the last 130 years. more

Making It at Any Cost: Aspirations and Politics in a Counterfeit Clothing Marketplace

MPIfG Book
Matías Dewey dives deep into the world of La Salada to examine how market exchanges function outside the law and how agreements and norms develop in the economy for counterfeit clothing. Drawing on seven months of ethnographic research and more than a hundred interviews, Dewey argues that… more

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