New MPIfG Book: Democracy at Work by Ruth Dukes and Wolfgang Streeck

October 31, 2022

In their recently published book, Democracy at Work: Contract, Status and Post-Industrial Justice, Ruth Dukes from the University of Glasgow and MPIfG emeritus director Wolfgang Streeck examine employment relations and new forms of work in advanced economies in the twenty-first century. Tracing the rise of globalization and the “dualization” of labor markets – the emergence of a core and periphery of workers – and the progressive insulation of working relations from democratic governance, the authors identify an urgent need for political intervention to “tame” the new world of gig and other highly precarious work. They argue that the time is ripe for restating the principles of industrial democracy and citizenship for the postindustrial era. Democracy at Work was published by Polity Press in October 2022; it is currently available as an eBook and will follow in print in December of this year.

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