New Visiting Scholars at the MPIfG in Summer 2022

July 11, 2022

The MPIfG is welcoming seven new visiting scholars to Cologne this summer. Patrick Thomas Sheehan is a doctoral researcher at the University of Texas at Austin. From May to July he is spending his stay at the Institute exploring how narratives of the future drive economic action in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. Théo Bourgeron, University of Edinburgh, researches the political economy of the European finance sectors. During his three-month stay, he is working on the anti-EU politics of private equity funds and hedge funds in the UK and Switzerland. Felipe González López, Universidad Central de Chile, is head of the Max Planck Partner Group for the Study of the Economy and the Public in Chile. He has been working at the Institute since the beginning of June on the relationship between consumer credit, subjective status, and social class. Likewise from the Universidad Central de Chile is Matías Gómez Contreras, who is working on an intersectional approach to household debt in Chile. Two researchers from the Socioeconomic Transformations Observatory of the MPIfG in Chile, Jorge Andrés Atria Curi, Universidad Diego Portales, and Magdalena Gil Ureta, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, are also spending the month of July at the Institute. The MPIfG has been working since November 2019 with a total of four Chilean universities in the Observatory, where around forty researchers study transformation processes in capitalism and democracy against a backdrop of financialization and digitalization, climate change, growing social inequality, and populist politics. Also visiting the MPIfG from August is doctoral researcher Paula Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, University of Geneva, who will be working during her stay on her dissertation project exploring the connections between migration policies and international trade.

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