Publications of Lucio Baccaro

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Journal Article
Who Wants Wage Moderation? Trade Exposure, Export-Led Growth, and the Irrelevance of Bargaining Structure. In: West European Politics 45(6), 2022, 1257–1282.
Journal Article
The Politics of Growth Models. In: Review of Keynesian Economics 10(2), 2022, 204–221.
Journal Article
Baccaro, Lucio, Tobias Tober
The Role of Wages in the Eurozone. In: Review of International Political Economy 29(4), 2022, 1263–1286.
Journal Article
Till Austerity Do Us Part? A Survey Experiment on Support for the Euro in Italy. In: European Union Politics 22(3), 2021, 401–423.
Journal Article
A Switch or a Process? Disentangling the Effects of Union Membership on Political Attitudes in Switzerland and the UK. In: Industrial Relations 59(3), 2020, 466–499.
Journal Article
Baccaro, Lucio, Jonas Pontusson
Wirtschaftswachstum nach dem Fordismus: Neue Ansätze in der vergleichenden politischen Ökonomie. In: WSI-Mitteilungen 71(2), 2018, 83–95.
Journal Article
Pulignano, Valeria, Domenico Carrieri, Lucio Baccaro
Industrial Relations in Italy in the Twenty-First Century. In: Employee Relations 40(4), 2018, 654–673.
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