New Visiting Researchers in Summer Semester 2024

June 11, 2024

The MPIfG is welcoming five visiting researchers to the Institute in Cologne this summer. Felipe González López from Universidad Central de Chile will arrive at the Institute at the end of June as part of the cooperation between the Max Planck Partner Group for the Study of the Economy and the Public, which he leads, and the MPIfG. Another member of the same Partner Group, Gabriel Otero, also Universidad Central de Chile, will likewise be working at the Institute from mid-June to the end of July. Florence Bernault, professor at Sciences Po Paris, began her four-week stay in mid-May. In her current project, “Global Intimacy and the Double Life of Objects,” she is studying particular objects in Africa (medicines, money, charms) in order to understand how they fostered the emergence of new subjectivities across racial, cultural, and geographic barriers. Also joining the Institute from Sciences Po is Matthias Thiemann, who between mid-May and mid-June is working with the MPIfG’s Leon Wansleben on organizing the conference “The Political Economy of Low-Carbon Transitions.” Oscar Stuhler from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, will be in Cologne from June until the end of July. At the core of his research is the development of methods and theory for analyzing textual representations of social structures. In his current project, “Temporality at the Heart of Global Climate Change,” he is studying temporal horizons in news coverage on climate change.

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