“Political Economy of Consulting” Workshop at the MPIfG

May 16, 2024

The “Political Economy of Consulting” workshop was held at the MPIfG in Cologne on April 8 and 9. Ten scholars from Germany and abroad attended the event to discuss the complex interplay between consultants and the political economy. Central to the talks and discussion was the subtle yet influential role consultants play in shaping political and economic outcomes. A particular focus was on the balance between the forces driving global convergence and those upholding enduring regional distinctions, a pivotal question in political economy. Another key question concerned the role of consultants in driving globalization through the advice they give to governments and private actors on policy and practice, and how they navigate diverse geopolitical environments with varying interests, political economies, and legal frameworks. The workshop took a critical look at how consulting strategies can thus have both harmonizing and differentiating effects on global and regional practices, and at the challenge for consultants of balancing opposing interests in international interactions and effectively influencing the political economy.

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