Arbeiterkammer Wien Prize for Daria Tisch

January 23, 2024

Daria Tisch, a senior researcher in the MPIfG’s Wealth and Social Inequality Research Focus, was the recipient of one of two commendations awarded in November 2023 as part of an Arbeiterkammer Wien essay competition. More than thirty essays were entered in the competition on the topic of wealth concentration and extreme wealth and their consequences for democracy, the climate, and social justice. The 1,500-euro prize was awarded to Daria Tisch and her two co-authors, Daniel Mayerhoffer and Jan Schulz, for their essay “Fehlwahrnehmungen von ‘Überreichtum’” (Misconceptions of “extreme wealth”). At the MPIfG Daria Tisch uses quantitative methods in her research on the role of family in the perpetuation of wealth over several generations, inequalities in intergenerational transfers, and gender-specific wealth inequality. Before taking up her current role in 2021, she earned a doctorate at the University of Cologne on perceptions of gender wealth inequalities within the family.

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