Mathias Greffrath Is New Journalist in Residence

November 23, 2023

Mathias Greffrath is the MPIfG’s Journalist in Residence in fall 2023. A freelance journalist and sociologist, Greffrath writes for publications including Zeit and taz and for the broadcaster ARD. In recent years he has produced essays, radio plays, and commentaries exploring the social and cultural effects of globalization and climate change as well as the future of work & society and automation. At the MPIfG he is researching political decision-makers at federal, state, and local government level and their awareness of issues raised by the AI revolution. For journalists, the Journalist in Residence Fellowship is an opportunity to spend two to three months at the MPIfG researching a topic of their own choice in direct exchange with researchers. The aim behind the fellowship is to strengthen the transfer of knowledge between the social sciences and society and support journalism covering sociopolitical issues.

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