Max Planck Partner Group for the Sociology of Economic Life Draws to a Close

October 05, 2023

A workshop was held at the MPIfG in September to mark the successful conclusion of the Max Planck Partner Group in Poland. Launched in 2017 between the MPIfG and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Partner Group for the Sociology of Economic Life in Warsaw was led by the economic sociologist Marcin Serafin, a former doctoral and postdoctoral researcher at the MPIfG. The idea behind establishing the Partner Group was to help strengthen economic sociology within Polish sociology. At the center of the Group’s research was the social and institutional embeddedness of economic phenomena, with a focus on further developing the concept of fictional expectations and on the significance of digital platforms for contemporary capitalism. As the five-year funding period came to an end, researchers from Warsaw and Cologne met to present their research and results and look ahead to future projects. The presentations during the closing workshop reflected a strong and highly productive collaboration that is set to continue beyond the lifetime of the Group. Through its Partner Groups, the Max Planck Society supports outstanding early-career scholars who return to their country of origin after researching at a Max Planck Institute.

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