Herman Mark Schwartz is the MPIfG’s 2023 Scholar in Residence

April 18, 2023

Herman Mark Schwartz is a professor of politics at the University of Virginia and will be joining the MPIfG in May for three months as this year’s Scholar in Residence. He is the author and editor of numerous books on topics including economic development, globalization, and the geopolitics of the subprime mortgage crisis, the welfare state in Denmark, and employment policy. Among his current research interests is the role of the US dollar as global quasi-state money. During his stay at the Institute he will offer a lecture series titled “Triffin Reloaded: The Matrix of Contradictions around the Dollar’s Global Dominance.” Across the three lectures he will ask how the US dollar has remained dominant as the central currency on the world markets despite persistent current account deficits and rising net foreign debt. The lectures will be held at 5 pm on June 6 and 20 and July 4. The Scholar in Residence is a leading scholar from political science, economics, or sociology who has a current research project in an area that coincides with the core research interests of the MPIfG and is invited to spend a period of time working at the Institute.

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