New MPIfG Book: Capital Claims: Power and Global Finance

March 13, 2023

A new book edited by Benjamin Braun and Kai Koddenbrock, Capital Claims: Power and Global Finance (Routledge, 2023), is the latest title to be included in the MPIfG Books series. In an analysis of how global financialized capitalism operates and reproduces itself, the book explores the financial sector’s remarkable ability to maintain its dominance through even the most severe economic crises. The volume defines international financialization as a process by which the number and value, tradability, and enforceability of cross-border financial claims increase and are successfully defended against competing social or political agendas. By focusing on financial claims, it develops a conceptual toolkit for the study of the political economy of global finance and the inequalities it sustains. Benjamin Braun has been a senior researcher at the MPIfG since 2016. Kai Koddenbrock is Professor of Political Economy at Bard College Berlin. Together they lead and organize Politics of Money, a DFG-funded research network investigating the resilience of finance capitalism.

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