Lisa Suckert Awarded Sociological Review Journal Article of the Year Prize

January 26, 2023

The Sociological Review has named Lisa Suckert’s “The Coronavirus and the Temporal Order of Capitalism: Sociological Observations and the Wisdom of a Children’s Book,” published in the journal in 2021, its “Journal Article of the Year.” The jury praised Suckert‘s approach to examining temporality, with one jury member describing it as “the most imaginative and insightful commentary I have read arising from the COVID-19 pandemic; a sociological parable for modern times.” The prize, worth 300 GBP, is awarded to the paper that both displays outstanding scholarship and best reflects the journal’s aims and objectives. Lisa Suckert is an economic sociologist and has been a senior researcher at the MPIfG since 2016. Her current research interests are temporality and future imaginaries, and the dynamics of crisis.

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