Public Lectures in Winter Semester 2022/23

October 25, 2022

Six public lectures by renowned scholars are coming up at the MPIfG this winter semester. The first is on October 26, when Rowland Atkinson (University of Sheffield) will show in “New Gilded Age in a Broken World? The Super-Rich, Urban Life, and City Politics” the role of wealth in crafting new city settings and what a social politics of inequality might look like in this urban context. Joining us on November 16 is Matthias Matthijs (Council on Foreign Relations). In “Forging Consensus in Crisis: Exit, Voice and Loyalty in European Integration” he will reflect on the EU’s various crises over the past decade and the emergence of a new EU paradigm that has the potential to give the European project a new lease on life. Fabian Muniesa (Centre de sociologie de l’innovation, Mines ParisTech) will talk on December 12 in “Paranoid Finance” about the financial element at work in the culture of conspiratorial, millennialist discourse and how contemporary practices feed into an anthropology of finance. In the new year, Simone Dietrich (University of Geneva) will join us on January 18 to present “States, Markets, and Foreign Aid.” Exploring the domestic politics of foreign aid, she will consider why donor countries’ bureaucratic institutions shape donor-recipient interactions differently in spite of similar conditions on both sides. On January 25, Kathrin Zippel (Freie Universität Berlin) will present her findings on the link between diversity and internationalization and its implications for inequalities in German higher education; the title of her talk is “Fitting Diversity into Gender Equality Plans in German Universities as a Strategy for Internationalization.” Simone Derix (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Nürnberg) will talk in her lecture, “Men Moving Money? Staying Rich in the Twentieth Century,” on February 1 about the role of the rich and super-rich in perpetuating and exacerbating social inequalities.

More information on each of the lectures is available on the MPIfG website. To attend, please register by email to

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