Conference on “Rethinking Fiscal Sociology”

September 12, 2022

From June 23 to 24 of this year, the MPIfG hosted the conference ”Fiscal Relations: The Sociology of Public Finances in the Twenty-First Century.” Organized around three panels, the conference took as its theme “rethinking fiscal relations” and combined analysis of current fiscal and financial policies with discussion of foundational issues in new fiscal sociology (NFS), the sociology of finance, and at the intersections of these two fields. NFS is a field of sociology that puts the study of tax systems and the social relations on which they are based at the center of historical or comparative analysis of social change. Thirteen scholars from universities and research institutions in France, the UK, USA, and Germany attended the conference. It was organized by Leon Wansleben, who leads the Research Group on the Sociology of Public Finances and Debt at the MPIfG.

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