Conference on Wealth and the Family

July 11, 2022

In June 2022, the MPIfG hosted an interdisciplinary conference on “Wealth and the Family.” The event was jointly organized by Jens Beckert (MPIfG) and Rachel Sherman (New School for Social Research) and brought together eighteen researchers from sociology, anthropology, and related disciplines with a focus on the connection between wealth and the family. Understanding the dynastic family as a crucial element of social organization at the top of the stratification order and of capitalist reproduction allows for insights that extend from the microlevel of family interaction to the macro effects of wealth accumulation in the financial system. Against this backdrop, the conference considered various aspects of the long-term perpetuation of large fortunes among the moneyed elite, including the legal institutions that make it possible, inheritance and trust laws, family offices and philanthropic foundations, and the social practices super-wealthy families use to preserve their wealth long-term.

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