“Regulating Transnational Labor”: Lecture series by MPIfG Scholar in Residence Karen Shire

May 20, 2022

Karen Shire has been the MPIfG Scholar in Residence since October 2021. She is Professor of Comparative Sociology and Japanese Society at the University of Duisburg-Essen. During her stay, she is delivering a series of three lectures on “Regulating Transnational Labor,” in which she discusses the possibilities and challenges for regulating cross-border labor mobility. Her lectures will be held in English at the MPIfG on June 7 (“Theorizing Regulatory Challenges of Transnational Labor”), June 14 (“Cross-Border Labor Market Intermediaries”), and June 21 (“Trafficked, Forced, and Informalized Labor”), each at 17.00. Register by email to info@mpifg.de.

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