Growth strategies after crises: Gesellschaftsforschung 1|2022 is published

May 20, 2022

Economic growth is a fundamental prerequisite for the stability and legitimacy of capitalist economies. In her lead article in the new issue of the MPIfG’s German-language research magazine Gesellschaftsforschung, MPIfG researcher Arianna Tassinari presents her research on political growth strategies. She shows how crises can shake implicit elite consensus and subsequently trigger significant changes of course. In the “standpoint” section, Martin Höpner explains why concerns about inflation are justified, Hannah Pool addresses the role of money and social relations for people fleeing to the EU, and Georg Rilinger looks at the organizational limits of market design. The research magazine Gesellschaftsforschung is published twice a year in print and online. To receive a free print copy or a PDF newsletter by email, please subscribe here.

Gesellschaftsforschung 1 | 2022 (PDF)

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