The MPIfG only accepts applications through our online application system, which is open from the beginning of September to December 20. Please do not send your application by post or email, as it will have to be rejected. Furthermore, we can only consider fully completed applications.
Since your application cannot be changed once it has been submitted, it is important for you to read this entire section carefully. We strongly recommend you to first prepare all of your application documents (see below) and then to apply through the application system. Start compiling your documents early. You will need a fair amount of time to get all the information together.
It is possible to temporarily save the application by clicking "continue later" (bottom right). You will receive a link for this by email. Important note: This link is valid for 30 days only! After this period, all data and documents will be irretrievably deleted. If you do not complete your application within the 30 days you will have to start the application process again.

The application procedure

1. Check the information about the program to make sure you are eligible to apply.
2. Write and compile the following documents:

  • A cover letter including your motivation for applying to the postdoctoral program
  • Your curriculum vitae including your academic training and professional experience;
  • A short research proposal of ca. 3 pages;
  • An example of your scholarly work up to 20 pages in length, e.g., a journal article or book chapter (preferably in English but German is also acceptable);
  • Scans of official transcripts/records of studies from all colleges/universities you have attended (Applicants should have defended their dissertation by the time they start the position.);
  • Please provide the names of 2 referees (Referees are senior researchers who know your academic work well and are able to evaluate it adequately. Should you progress in the application process and be invited for an interview, we will contact these referees in advance and ask them for a reference letter);
  • If applicable: Certification of disability status. Applicants who are registered as having a severe disability or a disability that is classified as being equivalent to a severe disability are under no obligation to disclose this information. However, please note that we can only take disability status into account in the application process if this information is provided here.

3. Open positions are announced here.
4. Fill out the application form. Please note that your application will only be accepted by the system if all of the required fields contain valid data. (Note: If a red mark appears, you have either left out a mandatory field or entered an incorrect data format).
5. Upload your application materials (see list above). Your files should not exceed 10 MB in total. When scanning your documents, choose a lower resolution to ensure a smaller file size.
6. Before sending, you can have your entries displayed again as a preview. Then click on "Send application". You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt shortly. Your spam filter might sort out the confirmation email, so check your spam folder if you do not receive the confirmation email within an hour. Reminder: Pausing the digital application process is possible but only within a time frame of max. 30 days. Once your application has been submitted it cannot be changed. We do not accept documents via email.

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