The Political Economy of Growth in Peripheral Economies

Online Workshop

  • Start: Apr 14, 2021
  • End: Apr 16, 2021
  • Location: online
  • Contact:
The Political Economy of Growth in Peripheral Economies
Despite growing attention to dynamics of peripheralization in European political economy, there is still need for a systematic integration of the notion of peripherality within recent Comparative Political Economy (CPE) debates on the diversity of growth strategies and trajectories of capitalist development.

Most of the (still scarce) CPE literature approaching the topic focuses on the Southern and Eastern peripheries of the European Union. In this workshop we aim to build on this base and broaden the geographical scope of the analysis covering peripheries within the EU, EU neighbouring countries as well as non-European countries. This will hopefully stimulate reflections on different varieties of peripheralization. We will focus in particular on what we label peripheral advanced economies, i.e., countries that have already achieved a certain level of economic development by carving out a niche for themselves in global markets but have yet failed to achieve the level of economic development of "core" advanced economies.

During the workshop, we will seek to develop answers to a series of challenging questions, including:

  • How can we best conceptualize the notion of "peripheries" and peripheralization within the CPE tradition?
  • What development and growth strategies are available to economies that occupy a peripheral position within their respective regional economic blocs and within global value, wealth and supply chains?
  • Is there an opportunity to foster the development of indigenous high value-added activities in peripheral economies?
  • Or are peripheral economies condemned to occupy a subordinate position in global value and wealth chains?
  • Is it possible to identify shared defining characteristics of peripheral growth strategies?
  • And are the political dynamics underpinning growth strategies and the evolution of growth models in peripheral economies distinctive and different from those characterizing "core" advanced economies?
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