Empirical Epistemology and “Fake News”


  • Date: May 3, 2022
Empirical Epistemology and “Fake News”

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss “fake news” and “alternative facts,” and the challenges they pose for democratic nations' ability to use scientific knowledge to solve societal problems. The following are some of the issues that would be worthwhile to discuss in the workshop.

  1. What are the features of fake news that cause them to spread and become influential?
  2. What are the characteristics of people who are prone to believing in fake news and “alternative” theories?
  3. What are the primary mechanisms by which “alternative truths” spread?
  4. What is the relationship between the propensity to accept alternative facts and theories and political partisanship?
  5. Which techniques, data, and analytical approaches are most effective in analyzing the phenomena of “fake news” and “alternative truths”?

The workshop's purpose is to look at the topic from multiple academic viewpoints, combining natural and social science perspectives.

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