The library is one of the MPIfG's central service units and supports research at the Institute by giving researchers and staff fast and efficient access to information and sources. The library collection offers extensive analog and digital resources, books, databases, journals, and newspapers from the fields of sociology, political science, and economics, and is developed and maintained to reflect the Institute’s research profile. A range of complementary services includes assistance with literature management and information research, research data management, and advice on open access publications.

Team Members

Elke Bürger

Circulation and Information
Interlibrary Loan

Susanne Hilbring

Information Service and Database Search
Library Services Team Leader
Open Access

Melanie Klaas

Circulation and Information
Institutional Repository

Gabriele Leitner-Christy

Circulation and Information
Interlibrary Loan

Cora Molloy

Reference Management
Research Data Management
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