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Colin Crouch, Patrick le Galès,
Carlo Trigilia, Helmut Voelzkow
Local Production Systems in Europe:
Rise or Demise?

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001
286 pages | ISBN 0-19-924251-8 | £53.00 | € 77,00
(Italian translation: I sistemi di produzione locale in Europa. Bologna: Il Mulino, 2004.)
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What is happening to local production systems in Europe? Combining knowledge from case-study literature with original analyses of statistical data, this book presents an institutional analysis of specialized clusters of small and medium-sized enterprises in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, showing the considerable diversity of forms they take. Many modes of governance - certain forms of market, cooperation among themselves, joining associations, networking with larger firms located in the same area, or making use of local facilities provided by governmental or other external agencies - enable small firms to become part of local production systems. The international comparison shows that such patterns of governance can often be attributed to national differences. While the importance of local production systems is increasing, their most rapidly growing form - groups of small suppliers which depend on a major customer firm - may undermine their autonomous capacities in the future.




1  Patrick Le Galès and Helmut Voelzkow:
    Introduction: The Governance of Local Economies
2   Andrés Rodriguez-Pose:
    Local Production Systems and Economic Performance in France,

    Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom
3   Luigi Burroni and Carlo Trigilia:
    Italy: Economic Development through Local Economies
4  Ulrich Glassmann and Helmut Voelzkow:
    The Governance of Local Economies in Germany
5  Valeria Aniello and Patrick Le Galès:
    Between Large Firms and Marginal Local Economies:
    The Making of Systems of Local Governance in France
6  Colin Crouch and Henry Farrell:
    Great Britain: Falling through the Holes in the Network Concept
7  Colin Crouch and Carlo Trigilia:
    Conclusions: Still Local Economies in Global Capitalism?



Colin Crouch, Professor of Sociology, European University Institute, Florence, Patrick Le Galés, Senior Researcher, CEVIFOP-CNRS, Paris, Carlo Trigilia, Professor of Economic Sociology, University of Florence, and Helmut Voelzkow, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne, Germany.

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