Recent Advances in Economic Sociology

Joint PhD Seminar of Sciences Po and the MPIfG
17-19 May 2016 at Sciences Po, Paris



This three-day PhD seminar is taught in English by Professors Jens Beckert (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne), Pierre François (Sciences Po, Paris, and CSO), and Olivier Godechot (Sciences Po, Paris, and MaxPo) and is open to graduate students currently enrolled in a PhD program at a French or German university. Preference is given to students from Sciences Po and the MPIfG. Participating students must have prior knowledge in economic sociology or adjacent fields (such as economic history, political economy, or economic anthropology).
The seminar explores the field of economic sociology with a special focus on the most recent theoretical and empirical developments. It examines key problems in the socio-logical investigation of the economy and offers insights into the most recent conceptual and empirical work conducted in the field. It also provides an opportunity to discuss the PhD projects of some of the seminar participants. Students are expected to complete the required reading in advance (about 10 research articles or book chapters and 6 summaries of PhD theses in progress). The seminar includes presentations by the three organizing professors and invited guest speakers (Neil Fligstein, Heather Haveman, François Denord). The focus is on classroom discussions. Students more advanced in their PhD project will have an opportunity to present their research.



Christine Claus

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