Fifteenth Summer Conference on Economy and Society: Politics and Society in a Material World

Online Conference, June 28-30, 2021


The Summer Conference on Economy and Society is an integral part of the curriculum of the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE). Since 2006, the summer conferences bring together reknowned scholars and graduate students in political economy, economic sociology, and related fields from a network of partner institutions that now include Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Northwestern University, Sciences Po, Columbia University, and the European University Institute.
The conference is hosted on a rotation basis by one of the partners around an orienting theme, with the ambition to bring together graduate students and senior scholars. As a result of this long-term cooperation, the joint summer conferences have become a nodal element in the institutional partnerships of its members, connected faculty members and young scholars on new projects and ongoing research. They have been particularly precious for graduate student training, allowing young scholars to present their findings, confront a variety of standards and perspectives, and make important international connections early on.
The network created around these summer conferences is unique. Economic sociology and political economy are two important fields of social science with distinctive European and American traditions. The relevance of studying the connection between the economy, society, and politics in an empirical manner has been confirmed by the recent economic crises, the challenge of socio-economic inequalities, and the rise of populism. By connecting premier scholarship from both sides of the Atlantic, the network allows shaping the global research agenda on the transformation of capitalism and its impact on social cohesion.
Through its regularity and the continued participation of senior faculty members, the annual summer conference created stable institutional relationships and a deep intellectual cooperation between the partner institutions. This has benefited both research and graduate training and allows the smooth cooperation on joint doctoral programs. Joint PhDs exist between the IMPRS-SPCE and Sciences Po, as well as between Northwestern and Columbia University. In addition, since 2019, the European University Institute and Sciences Po are part of the European University of Social Sciences CIVICA, an alliance to form a transnational university in the social sciences.


This year's summer conference will take place online and spreads over three days devoted to PhD student presentations. Each partner institution is represented by at least one faculty member and two PhD students. Faculty members serve as discussants and chairs for the student sessions. As the 2020 summer conference which was planned to take place at Sciences Po in Paris had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, the organization of the 2021 conference lies again with Sciences Po, Paris.



Allison Rovny

Administrative Director at MaxPo
Sciences Po, Paris
Phone +33 1 45 49 55 86

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