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+++ We regret that no internships will be available until summer semester 2022 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. +++



Open positions are announced here.
The MPIfG offers a limited number of internships every six months. In order to apply, you must have a strong interest in social science research, good grades, and the ability to work independently on a project. We accept applications from students in economics or social sciences starting in the fifth semester of their BA or in any semester of their MA. The application deadline is December 31 for the following summer semester and June 30 for the following winter semester.
As an intern, you will gain insight into an ongoing research project and can participate in lectures and seminars as well as the internal trainings offered at the Institute. The length of your stay for voluntary internships can be up to 12 weeks. For required internships (according to your degree program), please let us know how long your internship needs to be and include official documentation about your internship requirements in your application materials. The MPIfG pays its interns 450 euros per month.
Please state the desired length of your internship in your cover letter and explain which of the MPIfG's current research projects are especially interesting to you. Unfortunately, the projects of PhD researchers and postdocs are not eligible for internships.
Please send your complete application materials including a cover letter, CV, copies of your transcripts and degree certificates, and a copy of a relevant sample of your work up to 10 pages in length (e.g. an excerpt from a seminar paper).


Research assistants

Occasionally, especially at the beginning of new projects, the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies needs the help of research assistants for a limited time. Academic supportive tasks include research assistance and methodological assistance, and we will post these jobs as they come up. You may apply for such jobs once you have completed your MA in the relevant area. If all goes well, you can apply for a doctoral position in our Doctoral Program.


Working as a student assistant in research projects or Service Groups

If you are interested in working on projects that address the central questions of the study of societies, you can apply to be a student assistant in one of the research projects. The MPIfG offers BA and MA students the opportunity to work as student assistants for multiple semesters. Students gain insight into the research projects and the infrastructure of the Institute.
The Service Groups: the Library, the IT Services Group, the Building Management Group, and the Editorial and Public Relations Unit offer BA and MA students from appropriate degree programs the opportunity to work as student assistants for multiple semesters. You will work at an internationally oriented, top social science research institute at a workstation outfitted with the latest technical equipment, have access to the resources offered by the library, and have the opportunity to participate in events at the Institute. The MPIfG pays in accordance with the Guidelines of the Wage Association of the German States (TdL) on the working conditions of research assistants and student assistants.
We invite you to send your application, including a personal cover letter, your CV, and when you expect to finish your studies. Please state in your cover letter which types of tasks or project areas you’d like to work in, how many hours per week you'd like to work, and when you expect to complete your studies. If we have any appropriate openings, we will contact you.
Please apply online only and upload your documents in one pdf file if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accept postal or email applications.



Dr. Gudrun Löhrer
Research Coordinator
Tel. +49 221 2767-254

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