Employees in Technical and Administrative Positions

Our excellent research infrastructure rests on the shoulders of our motivated employees. The MPIfG's Service Groups – the Administration, the Editorial and Public Relations Unit, the IT Services Group, the Library, and the Secretaries – make up the core of the Institute's infrastructure. Like the research staff, they have high standards for the quality of their work. With their expertise, they create the conditions that make scientific excellence possible.
The Service Groups enjoy a high degree of autonomy in organizing their work. They work together in project teams across groups and have regular contact with the Institute’s leadership with regard to the goals and the further development of their work areas.
As a renowned research institute with an international environment, we offer service-oriented employees interesting and diverse tasks in a positive and cooperative working environment.
Additionally, the MPIfG offers traineeships in the areas of Office Communication and IT Systems Integration. Our trainees have excellent prospects of finding interesting jobs at commercial companies or working for local or public institutions.


Dr. Ursula Trappe
Head of Administration
Phone +49 221 2767-238

Organizational structure, project areas, and management of the MPIfG:
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