Social and Political Science Databases

    GESIS is a research based social science infrastructure institution which conducts its own continuing and inter-disciplinary research.
    The information centre collects and disseminates information on the current state of research and literature in the social sciences in the German-speaking countries.
  • German Socio-economic Panel - SOEP
    The SOEP study offers microdata for research in the social, economic, and behavioral sciences. Like a high-powered telescope providing data to researchers worldwide, SOEP acts as an observatory for social phenomena. The data are used not only for basic academic research but also for social policy reports aimed at a broader audience.
  • EconBiz
    Search Portal for Economics
    The portal aims to support research in and teaching of economics with a central entry point for all kinds of subject-specific information and direct access to full texts.

BMBF Research Database

    German Federal Ministry of Education and Research: search engine and information about research in Germany.

Science Information Services

Max Planck Society

  • News
    Research News and Press Information
  • Information for Journalists
    Articles and films about the research at the institutes of the Max Planck Society as well as speeches and statements.

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