Project Area
Sociology of Markets


Introduction to "Sociology of Markets"
Jens Beckert


How Are Markets Possible?
Jens Beckert

The Future in Economic Action

Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics
Jens Beckert
Fictional Expectations in Organizations
Jens Beckert
The Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis
Jens Beckert with Lukas Arndt
How to Study the Future
Jens Beckert and Lisa Suckert
The Political Economy of Asset Manager Capitalism
Benjamin Braun
Central Banking Beyond Inflation
Benjamin Braun
The Politics of Deindustrialization
Timur Ergen
Discounting Politics
Mikell Hyman
Imagining the Future in the Face of Crisis
Lisa Suckert
Brexit: Futures Drifting Apart
Lisa Suckert

The Emergence of Markets

The Political Economy of the Private Insurance Industry
Sebastian Kohl


Project Area
Political Economy of Growth Models


Introduction to "Political Economy of Growth Models"
Lucio Baccaro
The Political Economy of Growth Models
Lucio Baccaro
Towards a Political Economy of Financialized Growth
Puneet Bhasin
Political Aspects of Macroeconomic Policies and Growth Models
Björn Bremer
Voting Advice Applications
Kostas Gemenis
The Political Economy of Liberalized Finance
Manolis Kalaitzake
Historical Database of Party Manifestos
Sebastian Kohl and Kostas Gemenis
Growth Models and the Role of Government Coalition Making
Erik Neimanns


Project Area
Research Group on the Political Economy of European Integration


Introduction to "Political Economy of European Integration"
Martin Höpner
The Dynamics of "Integration through Law"
Martin Höpner
European Economic and Monetary Integration
Martin Höpner
New Forms of Industrial Policy at the EU Peripheries
Fabio Bulfone
Political Economy of Public Sector Wage Setting
Donato Di Carlo
The Paradigm Shift of EU Cohesion Policy
Annika Holz (doctoral project)


Project Area
Research Group on the Sociology of Public Finances and Debt


Introduction to "Sociology of Public Finances and Debt"
Leon Wansleben
The Public Investment Crisis
Leon Wansleben
Governing Financialization
Leon Wansleben
The Construction of Mumbai’s Land Market
Anitra Baliga (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Automating Markets for European Sovereign Debt
Arjen van der Heide


Project Area
IMPRS-SPCE Doctoral Program: Dissertation Projects


The Role of the Super-Rich in the Transnational Capitalist Class
H. Lukas R. Arndt
Illegal Subcontracting Practices in Low-End Sectors
Monica Bolelli
Making Mobility a Market
Sandhya A.S
Gendered Influences on Labor Market Policies in Turkey
Elifcan Çelebi
Changing Diets and Food Moralities
Laura Einhorn
Multilevel Dynamics of Social Movements in the Global South
Laura Gerken
Women’s Political Representation in the Post-Soviet Space
Kristina Gushchina
The Politics of Knowledge in Global Climate Governance
Andrés López Rivera
Reorganizing the Political: Business Consultants in the Public Sector
Alina Marktanner
Condemned to the Dollar? Analyzing Monetary Trust in Argentina
Guadalupe Moreno
Populist Contagion in the House of Commons
Ebru Ece Özbey
Economic Interactions in Undocumented Migration to Europe
Hannah Pool
Politics of the German Growth Regime
Mischa Stratenwerth
Social Integration of Minority Students in Schools
Agnes Tarnowski


Project Area
Emeriti Projects


Historical and Geographical Changes in the Relationship between Politics and Economics
Renate Mayntz
Studies on the Political Economy of European Integration
Fritz W. Scharpf
The Crisis of Contemporary Capitalism
Wolfgang Streeck
Social Norms and Legal Norms at Work
Wolfgang Streeck and Ruth Dukes (University of Glasgow)


Project Area
Other Projects


Child Protection in Comparative Perspective
Ipek Göçmen
Causes of Unequal Political Responsiveness: Exploring Potential Mechanisms
Lea Elsässer (University of Duisburg-Essen)
The Political Economy of Monetary Dependency
Kai Koddenbrock (University of Witten/Herdecke)

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