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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

Sociology of Competition

Timur Ergen and Sebastian Kohl

The understanding of economic competition has diverged in the US and Europe. To better understand this so-called Atlantic Divide, this project investigates the rise of capitalist competition, its regulation in antitrust policies, and its history of ideas in historical-comparative perspective. It further investigates the new dimensions of social inequality resulting from tendencies of increasing economic concentration. Finally, it contributes to a better understanding of antitrust and merger regulation in the European multilevel system. Project duration: October 2017 to December 2021.
Billows, Sebastian, Sebastian Kohl, and Fabien Tarissan. 2020. “Bureaucrats or Ideologues? EU Merger Control as Market-Centred Integration.” Journal of Common Market Studies, forthcoming.
Ergen, Timur, and Sebastian Kohl. 2020. “Rival Views of Economic Competition.” Socio-Economic Review, forthcoming.
Ergen, Timur, and Sebastian Kohl. 2019. “Varieties of Economization in Competition Policy: Institutional Change in German and American Antitrust, 1960-2000.” Review of International Political Economy 26 (2), 256–286.
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