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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

Wealth in Germany: Structures, Continuities, and Fractures

Jens Beckert and Daria Tisch

A small group of families or individuals, with fortunes amounting to at least hundreds of millions of euros, sit at the top end of the wealth distribution in Germany. Divided into various subprojects and based on data from wealth lists, the “Wealth in Germany: Structures, Continuities, and Fractures” subproject will explore the accumulation, stability, growth, and loss of private wealth. At the beginning of the project, databases will be created. Access to a range of relevant data sources is currently being reviewed. The data goes back at least partially to the German Empire in the nineteenth century. Aspects of the overarching research question will be considered on the basis of this data. The precise nature of the project will be determined by the available data. The first of the subprojects studies the historical development (1913-today) of private wealth on the basis of family trees. Another project asks how today's superrich assume social responsibility. Project duration: April 2021 to March 2024.

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