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 Research Projects at the MPIfG

Political Economy of Housing

Sebastian Kohl

Capitalist economies differ as to how many homeowners and tenants populate their housing markets. A previous study examined what drives countries’ different homeownership rates (cf. Homeownership, Renting, and Societies: Historical and Comparative Perspectives, Routledge 2017). Drawing on this work, this project continues investigating housing in the broader economy and society in historical comparative perspective. As one potential cause, this project currently looks at the history of homeownership ideology which itself was one of the reasons behind the explosion of mortgage debt. A further question to be addressed is why the rising levels of mortgage debt in many countries have led neither to the promised democratization of homeownership nor to more housing construction. Finally, the project investigates the feedback of housing and homeownership on political behavior and housing market effects on segregation in German cities. Project duration: October 2017 to December 2024.
Blackwell, Timothy, and Sebastian Kohl. 2018. "The Origins of National Housing Finance Systems: A Comparative Investigation into Historical Variations in Mortgage Finance Regimes." Review of International Political Economy 25 (1): 49-74.
Kohl, Sebastian. 2018. "The Political Economy of Homeownership: A Comparative Analysis of Homeownership Ideology through Party Manifestos." Socio-Economic Review, published online July 10, 2018.
Kohl, Sebastian. 2018. "More Mortgages, More Homes? The Effect of Housing Financialization on Homeownership in Historical Perspective. Politics & Society 46 (2), 177-203.
Kohl, Sebastian. 2020. “Too much Mortgage Debt? The Effect of Housing Financialization on Housing Supply and Residential Capital Formation.” Socio-economic Review, forthcoming.
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