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19.11.2020MPIfG Annual Colloquium 2020

MPIfG Annual Colloquium 2020: The political and economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic

“The return of the state? The political and economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic” is the thematic focus of the 13th MPIfG Annual Colloquium from November 26 to 27, 2020. Experts from research and practice will discuss this new relationship between society, economy, and the state in the context of the pandemic and ask how a “new normal” can look beyond the current exceptional circumstances. The role of money and fiscal politics will be the central focus of Moritz Schularick’s opening lecture. In a panel discussion, Karl-Uwe Bütof (MWIDE NRW), IHK Köln president Nicole Grünewald, Achim Truger (German Council of Economic Experts), and the chairperson of the DGB NRW Anja Weber will speak about ways to get out of the current crisis. Other talks will address the effects that the crisis has had on the political economy of the euro zone and analyze the societal changes that bring with them new alliances and conflicts, for example with regard to gender. The Annual Colloquium is a public event which is organized jointly by the MPIfG and the Society of Friends and Former Associates of the MPIfG. This year it will take place online. Program
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