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07.09.2018Max Planck-Day in Cologne

The Max Planck festival of knowledge

September 14, 2018, is Max Planck Day. All over Germany people will have the opportunity to experience what goes on in the Max Planck Institutes in their city for themselves. The four Max Planck Institutes in Cologne will also be presenting their work and inviting people to meet the faces behind the research. A varied program of laboratory tours, workshops, talks, experiments, panel discussions, and cultural events will share the results of Max Planck researchers from the fields of the biology of aging, metabolism, and plant breeding research, as well as politics and the study of society. The MPIfG and the Cologne Public Library are hosting a panel discussion entitled "Ein soziales Europa - Vision oder Illusion?" in the Cologne City Library at 5 p.m. Martin Höpner, Research Group Leader at the MPIfG, Anke Hassel (Director of the WSI), and Peter Scherrer of the European Trade Union Conference will take part in a discussion on the social imbalance in Europe. Given the differences between the member states, how far can a social vision of the EU ever be fully realized? more on the panel discussion (in German)
press release (in German)


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