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12.07.2018Lucio Baccaro speaks at the conference

Growth Models and Macroeconomic Policy: International conference at the MPIfG

From May 23-25, 2018, an international conference at the MPIfG devoted itself to the role of growth models and dimensions of macroeconomic policy making. Various aspects of the topic were examined in five panel discussions: What is the political basis of growth models? What are key sectors and growth drivers? What role do financial markets play in macroeconomic policy-making and national growth strategies? And to what extent can bridges be built between comparative and international political economy? The concluding discussion addressed how the growth model agenda can be further developed with a view to theoretical diversity. Twenty-four representatives from the field of political economy took part in the conference organized by Lucio Baccaro and Alexander Spielau, and included scientists from Harvard University, Sciences Po Paris, the University of Geneva, Brown University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. conference website
project area "Political Economy of Growth Models"


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