MPIfG Annual Colloquium − Institutstag

The MPIfG Annual Colloquia are intended as a forum for discussion for social and political scientists from the MPIfG and other research institutions as well as individuals engaged in the study of politics, society and the economy. The two-day event aims to present current research taking place at the MPIfG and to provide an opportunity for informal discussion. The colloquia are organized jointly by the MPIfG and the Society of Friends and Former Associates of the MPIfG and have been held every autumn since 2008.



13th Annual Colloquium, November 26−27, 2020

The return of the state? The political and economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has confronted the world of work, the economy, and our society with an almost unprecedented level of uncertainty. The measures to combat the pandemic have resulted in around a third of employees working from home; almost one in five were on short-time working in the spring. Many who are self-employed or on flexible contracts have at least temporarily lost job opportunities and numerous companies are facing an uncertain future as a consequence of ongoing restrictions and structural changes. At the same time, politicians in Germany and other countries, as well as at the European level, have rapidly started to implement wide-ranging stabilization measures. The Annual Colloquium will discuss this new relationship between society, economy, and the state in the context of the pandemic and ask how a “new normal” can look beyond the current exceptional circumstances.

The Annual Colloquium will take place online due to the protective measures implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic. From October, you will find current information about the event and how to register on this website.

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