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Christine Musselin
Market and Pricing in Higher Education


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The marketization of higher education is often presented as a major international trend. In her lecture, Christine Musselin aims to challenge this statement by taking markets seriously. Building on a Weberian definition of markets and recent work in the sociology of markets, she examines where and to what extent markets can be observed in higher education. The issue of pricing on these markets is also addressed with a specific focus on tuition fees.
Christine Musselin is the director of the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations in Paris. She leads research groups working on comparative studies of university governance, public policies in higher education and research, and academic labor markets. Since 2007, she has been the chair of the Consortium for Higher Education Research (CHER) and the president of the French network on higher education, RESUP. She is also a coordinating editor for Higher Education and Sociologie du travail.

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