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Colin Hay
Brexistential Crisis? Making Sense of British Politics after Brexit


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Drawing on the final chapter of Developments in British Politics 10, published last November, Colin Hay will reflect on how developments in British politics have developed in the 33 years since the first edition of this book was published in 1983, notably the vote for Brexit. It is clear that the time-travelling political scientist stepping out of her Tardis in 2016 would be amazed and, no doubt, shocked by the world in which she found herself. What sense, if any, might she make of British politics after the vote for Brexit? And what does the answer to that question tell us about how the vote for Brexit happened, how it was allowed to happen, its wider implications (both political and economic), and the seismic changes in and through which British politics is currently being remade?

Colin Hay is Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po, Paris, and an Affiliate Professor of Political Analysis at the University of Sheffield, where he co-founded the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute. He is lead editor of New Political Economy and founding co-editor of Comparative European Politics and British Politics and an elected Fellow of the UK's Academy of Social Science. .
Selected publications
  • Ferreras, I.: Governing the Capitalist Firm. Forthcoming 2017.
  • Ferreras, I.: In Defense of Workplace Democracy: Towards a Justification of the Firm-State Analogy (with Hélène Landemore). In: Political Theory 44(1), 53-81, 2016.
  • Ferreras, I.: Restructuring Processes and Capability for Voice: Case Study of Volkswagen, Brussels (with Jean de Munck). In: International Journal of Manpower 43(4), 397-412, 2013.
  • Ferreras, I.: Gouverner le capitalisme? Pour le bicamérisme économique. Presses universitaires de France, 2012.
  • Ferreras, I.: Renewing Democratic Deliberation in Europe: The Challenge of Social and Civil Dialogue (with Jean De Munck, Claude Didry, Annette Jobert). Peter Lang Press, 2012.
  • Ferreras, I.: The Collective Aspects of Individual Freedom: A Case Study in the Service Sector. In: Serafino Negrelli, Ota de Leonardis, Robert Salas (eds.), Democracy and Capabilities for Voice: Welfare, Work and Public Deliberation in Europe. Peter Lang, 101-118, 2012.
  • Ferreras, I.: Critique politique du travail: Travailler à l’heure de la société des services. Presses de Sciences Po, 2007.
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