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Patrick Le Galès
Globalizing European Urban Bourgeoisie? Transnationalization and
Rootedness of Managers in Four European Cities

Scholar in Residence Lectures 2013

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In his lecture series, Patrick Le Galès contributes to the research agenda on governance that has been pioneered and developed at the MPIfG. He looks at three different dimensions in the governance of mobile societies. In his first lecture he discusses the question of who is being governed, i.e. what happens to European middle classes when they become more transnational and how do the European urban bourgeoisies combine exit and voice.
Patrick Le Galès, 2013 Scholar in Residence am MPIfG, was giving a lecture series in March and April 2013 on "Governing Mobile Societies." Le Galès is CNRS director of research at the Centre d’Études européennes, Sciences Po, Paris.
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