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Bruno Amable
From Mitterrand to Macron: On the Collapse of the French Party System


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The 2017 elections saw the party system of the Fifth Republic implode: Gaullists and Socialists suffered dramatic losses as Le Pen, Mélenchon, and Macron with his En Marche! movement, dominated. In his lecture, Bruno Amable argues that some of the responsibility for that lies with the “governing left”: After the failure of the ambitious reforms at the beginning of Mitterrand’s presidency, the Socialists had neglected their traditional base and, in the hope that a new “bourgeois bloc” could be forged in the center, pledged themselves to neoliberal policies. While Macron governs with the remaining “modernists,” dissenting “sovereigntist” voices are getting louder.
Bruno Amable is Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva, on leave from the University of Paris I. His research focuses on the political economy of institutional change in developed economies.

Selected Publications
  • Amable, Bruno. 2017. Structural Crisis and Institutional Change in Modern Capitalism: French Capitalism in Transition. Oxford University Press.
  • Amable, Bruno. 2016. "Institutional Complementarities in the Dynamic Comparative Analysis of Capitalism." Journal of Institutional Economics.
  • Amable, Bruno. 2016. "The Political Economy of Neoliberal Interventionism in French Industrial Relations." ILR Review.
  • Amable, Bruno, and Stefano Palombarini. 2009. "Neorealist Approach to Institutional Change and the Diversity of Capitalism." Socio-Economic Review 7 (1), 123-143.
  • Amable, Bruno. 2003. The Diversity of Modern Capitalism. Oxford University Press.

Preparatory Reading
  • Amable, Bruno, and Stefano Palombarini. 2017. "The Emergence of an Anti-Bourgeois Bloc in France." In: H. Magara and B. Amable (eds.), Growth, Crisis, Democracy: The Political Economy of Social Coalitions and Policy Regime Change. London: Routledge.
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