Coronavirus: Protective Measures at the MPIfG

Summer semester 2022 at the MPIfG

[May 2, 2022]

As the summer semester 2022 gets underway, the MPIfG is returning to working mainly on site at the Institute. We are looking forward to welcoming new colleagues, guests, and visitors to the MPIfG.

As of May 1, the requirements for access control, observation of the minimum distance, and wearing face coverings will no longer apply at the MPIfG.

Our public lectures and inhouse events at the Institute are also returning to their usual in-person format. The Institute's management welcomes employees and guests continuing to voluntarily wear a medical mask, especially in situations where the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

Coping with the fourth wave

[November 24, 2021]

After a successful return to working at the Institute since the start of the winter semester, the MPIfG is once again reducing physical presence and face-to-face contact on site in response to the current coronavirus situation. As of November 24, 2021, the 3G rule (vaccinated/recovered/negative test) applies for all employees, guests, and visitors. It is again possible to work from home. The MPIfG’s public events will be held online until the end of the year.

Winter semester 2021/22 at the MPIfG

[August 18, 2021]
The MPIfG is using the summer months to begin a gradual return to the Institute whilst retaining contact reduction, current hygiene regulations and minimum distance requirements as central protective measures.
Our expectation is that working life at the MPIfG will gradually return to normal towards the beginning of the winter semester and that from October – infection levels permitting – we can resume our normal pattern of working from the Institute. We also expect that public MPIfG events can again take place in person at the Institute from the winter semester under the then applicable protective measures.

Protective measures until the end of the summer semester 2021: Work continues virtually

[January 15, 2021]
In light of the latest coronavirus developments, the MPIfG will continue to restrict physical presence and in-person contact at the Institute. Public and internal events are being offered online. Wherever possible, our researchers and staff are working from home. Presence on site is only possible in compliance with the special hygiene and infection prevention rules. The MPIfG remains highly committed to taking every precaution to protect our employees, guests, and visitors.

A new normal: The winter semester 2020/21 at the MPIfG

[October 2, 2020]
In the winter semester 2020/21, the MPIfG will resume as many of its research activities as possible on site. The Institute will return to a daily life characterized by the personal presence of researchers and staff, while at the same time taking the necessary precautions and paying close attention to the development of the pandemic in the fall. We are happy to welcome new staff and guests to the MPIfG. Seminars and smaller meetings of research groups will take place in person. Larger and public events will be offered online or as hybrid events.

Research and services at the MPIfG in summer semester 2020

[April 29, 2020]
Thanks to the efforts of everyone at the Institute, research and services have largely been able to continue at the MPIfG over the past few weeks. It is extremely important to us that we continue to take precautions to protect all our employees, guests, and visitors.
One of these precautions is to maintain reduced physical presence and social contact on site. The Board of Directors has taken the decision to cancel the public events that were planned for the current summer semester and to suspend the visiting researchers program. Researchers and members of the service teams continue to work from home. It is also possible to work on site at the Institute, but anyone doing so must follow the special hygiene instructions and precautions that are in place to prevent the spread of infection.
These arrangements initially apply from May 1 up to the end of the lecture period in the summer semester on July 17. We will let you know here of our plans for the second half of 2020.

On-site operations reduced to a minimum – research and service continue remotely

[March 26, 2020]
As a research institute with a network of international connections, the MPIfG is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our employees, guests, and visitors and to preventing the spread of infections. We have therefore canceled all public and internal events and all national and international business travel until further notice. Visitors will have access to the Institute only where this is necessary to maintain the minimum level of operation on site.
Our intention is for the Institute’s work to continue as fully as possible, and we are using digital technology and virtual communication to make this happen. Researchers and members of the service teams are predominantly working from home at the moment. The Institute can be contacted by email or phone in the usual way. We will be answering all inquiries, but we ask you to bear with us if we occasionally take a little longer than usual to respond.
If there are any significant changes at the MPIfG, we will let you know here. Let’s stay connected, and please stay safe!

MPIfG expands its protective measures and opts for virtual collaboration

[March 13, 2020]
In light of the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus infections worldwide and the growing number of risk areas, the MPIfG has made the decision to act proactively for the protection of its employees. Wherever possible, researchers and the members of the MPIfG service teams will work from their home offices. For the time being, the MPIfG will not offer public events, and its staff and guests will not undertake travel or attend conferences. Meetings will be held via video conferencing. Social contact on site will be kept to a minimum, in accordance with the code of conduct now in operation.
These protective measures will initially apply until 12 April 2020, after which we will reassess the situation and extend the measures if necessary.
We will inform here about further decisions.
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