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Recent Publications

Seikel, Daniel
Savings Banks and Landesbanken in the German Political Economy: The Long Struggle between Private and Public Banks. In: Christoph Scherrer (ed.), Public Banks in the Age of Financialization: A Comparative Perspective. Cheltenham: Elgar, 2017, 155–175.
Göçmen, İpek, Azer Kılıç
Egg Freezing Experiences of Women in Turkey: From the Social Context to the Narratives of Reproductive Ageing and Empowerment. In: European Journal of Women’s Studies, published online November 18, 2017.
Suckert, Lisa
Unravelling Ambivalence: A Field-Theoretical Approach to Moralised Markets. In: Current Sociology, published online November 20, 2017.
Mendelski, Martin
Romania: Europeanisation of Good Governance: Where and Why Does It Fail, and What Can Be Done About It? In: Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Jana Warkotsch (eds.), Beyond the Panama Papers: The Performance of EU Good Governance Promotion. Opladen: Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2017, 68–78.
Crouch, Colin
Can Neoliberalism Be Saved from Itself? London: Social Europe Edition, 2017.
Kastner, Lisa
Civil Society and Financial Regulation: Consumer Finance Protection and Taxation after the Financial Crisis. RIPE Series in Global Political Economy. London: Routledge, 2018.
Goerres, Achim
Alt gegen Jung? Die Wahrnehmung eines Alterskonflikts in Deutschland zwischen 1978 und 2010. In: Marco Giesselmann, Katrin Golsch, Henning Lohmann, Alexander Schmidt-Catran (eds.), Lebensbedingungen in Deutschland in der Längsschnittperspektive. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2018, 133–148.
Dewitte, Adam, Sebastian Billows, Xavier Lecocq
Turning Regulation into Business Opportunities: A Brief History of French Food Mass Retailing (1949–2015). In: Business History, published online October 23, 2017.






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